What’s the deal about YeahNah

Do you use MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRC, and gtalk? …. Sick of loading all those bits of software just so you can chat with your friends?
What a pain eh?

At YeahNah, you can register, and load your MSN, AIM, and ICQ details in, and that’s it, you’re connected.

Chat with all your friends from all the different services available from around the internet.

It’s not a new idea. Trillian and Pidgin make a “multi platform” software client that connects to multiple chat services. Jabber servers are different however. Jabber servers do all the hard work for you, all you do is register, load your MSN, AIM, and ICQ details, and never again do you have to setup your online profile again.

The New Zealand way
So we like to be “different” here in New Zealand. We like to do things ourselves, our own way, we are the “number 8 wire” people.
YeahNah offers a “no fluffy” bits, no frills, chat service. We are interested in chatting, not video (try Skype), not games, not silly emoticons, “just that chat, thanks, ma’am”
So ? Get in to it ! Find out how to register today

What’s all this about

Jabber is an open instant messaging technology that anyone can use.

The Jabber community runs a worldwide network of free IM services and has created plenty of free software that you can download — clients for every device and operating system.

How the heck .. ??

Find out how to create your first Jabber account at YeahNah

What the? … I still don’t get it

Check out the About section, or ask in the forum.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try http://xmpp.org/ or http://wiki.xmpp.org/


Your Jabber address where you can be joined by your friends, colleagues and family.
Check the Announcements page for any updates, or the Status page to ensure things are all good.

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